05 | 12 | 2022

Erasmus+ 2020 - 2022

The partner countries: Germany, Estonia, Poland, Iceland, UK

Our project theme is part of the students’ living environment. In school, much of this is addressed in science, geography and politics - across all national differences in education. On the other hand, interdisciplinary work rarely takes place.

This can be achieved through our Erasmus+ project. Therefore, we would first like to develop the basic expertise and then weight it in a socio-political context. Dealing with professional sources and distinguishing between “Fake news" and well-founded articles is a necessary prerequisite for forming one's own opinion and exerting social influence. This is how we can promote the basic understanding of current scientific research, which is a task of school education for the development of one's own opinion (“Scientific Literacy" see also PISA 2009/12: Fensham, 1985. Science for all.). The national differences in the assessment of risks to the environment or health will be presented and discussed by the students at the working meetings. Proposals for a common set of rules will be developed and compared with the rules of the European Union. Another focus is the exchange of ideas among colleagues of the same school and among colleagues of other schools. Crosscutting competencies are important for participating in our modern societies, also with regard to future potential job profiles. With the help of the eTwinning platform and the use and production of online teaching materials in English, pupils are expected to develop their digital crosscutting competencies while improving their language skills.

Due to pandemic situations some activities were prolonged and the first mobility took place in October 2021. Two teachers and 5 students from our school took part in the programme. You can read their impressions in the school Facebook.

The project coordinator Kerstin Schröder about the first project meeting in Hamburg:

"Although only the Polish and the Estonian team are complete, we had the chance to meet all the colleagues, started getting to know each other, seeing you all online and planning our project. It's such a pleasure to really meet and talk to the students and colleagues!

The Congress and the visit at the Traffic Authority in Hamburg were very interesting and offered lots of new perspectives. Moreover, the work at school as well as the online conferences with all the teams this first week have already shown how enriching Erasmus can be!"